Kik kreeper charged with wanting to abuse infant

Kik kreeper charged with wanting to abuse infant

Late last month, the FBI arrested 31-year-old Telmar Paul Lochridge of Salt Lake City. The FBI alleges that Lochridge belonged to“an online forum directed at those who have a sexual interest in infants and toddlers.”

The FBI posed as someone who had access to a 3-month-old boy. Lochridge is said to have contacted the agent on the mobile messaging app Kik expressing interest in the boy. He reportedly also sent child porn images to the FBI agent.

The FBI set up a meeting with Lochridge and arrested him on June 19th.

While the child in this instance was fictitious, it’s not unheard of for parents or other guardians to turn out their kids on platforms like Kik and craigslist. I wish I could say this is the first I’m hearing about it but sadly, it is not.

This is just more evidence that Kik is overrun with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

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