Snapchat sleaze tries the “I thought she was 18” defense

Snapchat sleaze tries the "I thought she was 18" defense
Lemual Sikes

39-year-old Lemual Sikes was recently arrested in Hillview, Kentucky. A Hillview police officer is said to have found Sikes in a car with a 13-year-old girl in a church parking lot. The officer reportedly knew that the girl was underage.

Sikes allegedly admitted to ‘having sex’ (child rape) with the girl and stated he met the girl on MeetMe and communicated with her through Snapchat. However, Sikes is said to have claimed that he thought the girl was 18. It seems like every guy who uses this excuse seems to think they’re the first ones to come up with it and that it will definitely work in a court of law.  There were also explicit pictures of the girl allegedly on Sikes’ phone.

Anyway, if you’re kids are on Snapchat you may want to check their privacy settings to make sure their profile isn’t open to the general public because that’s a great way to attract creeps like this. And even though MeetMe’s terms of service say that 13-year-old can use their platform doesn’t mean they should. MeetMe is essentially one of those ‘meet hot singles in your area’ type of apps and isn’t really meant for minors.

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