Here’s where children are really being trafficked, Snapchat

Here's where children are really being trafficked, Snapchat

While those who are less than informed think children are being trafficked through furniture outlets,  actual children are being trafficked on social media.

A 14-year-old girl from Maryland was recruited on Snapchat into prostitution by another minor who was already being trafficked. The girl was offered an opportunity to make money which is usually how traffickers are able to lure their victims in.  The girl ended up being turned out in the Philadelphia suburbs of Chester County. The girl was eventually rescued by police after she messaged her mother and a friend.

So instead of posting bullshit conspiracy theories on Facebook how about you read up on where human trafficking and child prostitution actually take place. Traffickers and pimps are constantly combing through social media looking for at-risk victims that are having trouble at home. They then offer them a way out with promises of money or fame before turning them out on the streets or online.

This is how child trafficking really happens and not through some convoluted nonsense that is too far fetched for even your favorite outlandish TV crime drama.

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