Craigslist creeper wanted to ‘deflower’ 10-year-old girl

Craigslist creeper wanted to 'deflower' 10-year-old girl
James Vanraden

If you thought craigslist was free of predators you can think again. Just because craigslist shut down some of its more contentious sections doesn’t mean all the criminal activity associated with craigslist has stopped.

For example, let’s take 46-year-old James Vanraden of Moorhead, Minnesota. He was recently arrested by police in nearby West Fargo, North Dakota. The West Fargo police had placed a craigslist ad posing as a father who wanted a ‘tutor’ for his 10-year-old daughter. In case you decode the subtlety of craigslist creepers, ‘tutor’ is code for an older man willing to have sex with someone’s kid. Even though in this case, it’s police posing as the father, there have been actual instances of parents selling their kids for sex online.

Anyway, Vanraden allegedly responded to the ad with great zeal.

During the conversation, Vanraden told the ad poster that he had a ‘very taboo mind,’ and admitted to liking bestiality and underage kids. The suspect told the man behind the Craigslist ad that he would like to ‘deflower’ the 10-year-old girl and asked how much it would cost him, to which he was told $500. Vanraden allegedly said he was excited he finally found someone who was willing to sell their daughter for a night.

Not only that, but Vanraden reportedly admitted to spying on an actual underage girl and took explicit pictures of her without her knowledge. Is this a way for predators to tell they’re dealing with other predators or do they just like to brag to each other?

Even though the new article doesn’t state it, I would imagine that the ad placed was in the ‘missed connections’ section of craigslist as it’s the only remotely sexual section of craigslist left. Even with only one problem section, craigslist still refuses to monitor it for illegal activity.

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