Indiana columbiners charged in school shooting plot

Indiana columbiners charged in school shooting plot
John L Schultz IV

Two suspects from Rochester, Indiana, have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder for allegedly plotting a school shooting in their area. Both 18-year-old John L Schultz IV and 17-year-old Donald V. Robin Jr. were said to have an admiration, to put it mildly, for the Columbine shooters. This is what’s known as being a ‘columbiner‘. Before we proceed, I’d like to point out that neither suspect was even born when Columbine happened in 1999.

So how deep was their admiration for the Columbine cowards Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? Pretty deep as it turns out. They reportedly referred to themselves as Reb and Vodka, which were the nicknames Harris and Klebold gave themselves. They both are said to have used pictures of Harris and Klebold as their Facebook profile pics. Both are said to have posted pictures of themselves having tattoos that referenced Columbine, including the phrase  “Do you believe in God?” That a reference to the apocryphal story where one of the Columbine shooters asked a Christian student if she believed in God before shooting her.

Guns may have been accessible to one of the suspects…

Robin also allegedly messaged another person about being picked on at Rochester Middle School in eighth grade and feeling suicidal and homicidal, packing his father’s AR-15 and 12 magazines in a duffel, but after sitting outside for 30 minutes decided that it wasn’t a feasible idea.

That could just be internet tough guy talk, but in these types of situations, claims like this can’t be dismissed. However, some reports state that Robin claims his father has an AR-15 that he keeps in a safe. How much access Robin has to that safe is another matter.

Schultz was said to have been waiting for school to start so he could “kill as many as they can and kill themselves just like Columbine.”

Robin is said to have been charged as an adult, and the pair are facing sentences of 30 years each when they’re scheduled to go to trial in January.

Once again we just have another pair of unoriginal failures who had too much free rein, not enough supervision, and who believe all the myths that surround Columbine.

If life has dealt you a bad hand, picking up a gun is no way to fix it. Instead, try using your brain to make things better. Guns are for idiots and cowards who blame all their problems on everyone else.


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