Where is the phone belonging to the Conn. Snapchat murder victim?

Second suspect arrested in CT Snapchat murder of teen
Diante Willoughby

If you’ll recall, 14-year-old Jose Nunez of Bridgeport, Connecticut was allegedly murdered by 19-year-old Diante Willoughby after Willoughby groomed Jose on Snapchat. A 14-year-old unnamed suspect has also been arrested in connection with the murder.

In a recent interview with CBS2 in New York, Nunez’s family say that they believe there are other suspects involved in Jose’s murder. However, Bridgeport Police have previously said that they feel no further arrests are incoming.

What I found most noteworthy about the interview was when Jose’s father, said that Jose’s phone has yet to be found.

“Somebody has my son’s phone because police doesn’t have it,” Velez said. “There’s way more to the story.”

If that is the case, which I have no reason to believe it isn’t, this could lend credence to a third suspect theory. But police neither confirmed nor denied that the phone is missing. So it’s also possible police have the phone and are keeping quiet on more potential arrests.

Jose’s family have set up a GoFundMe page in order to help pay for funeral expenses. Please consider donating if you’re able.

UPDATE 8/11/2020: Willoughby has entered a plea of not guilty to murder and murder with special circumstances.

UPDATE 12/23/2021: Willoughby has pleaded guilty to murder and is looking at 50 years behind bars.

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