Sex traffickers slammed victim’s head into a bucket of bleach filled with glass shards

Traffickers slammed victim's head into a bucket of bleach with shards of glass
Barry Schiff

That, ladies and gentlemen, is 52-year-old Barry Schiff of Parts Unknown in South Jersey. He along with his cohort 36-year-old Kenneth Crowell were arrested in York County, Pennsylvania back in 2017 for trafficking close to a dozen women on Backpage.

I’m sure if you were to see Schiff walking down the street you would probably assume he’s just some unassuming guy on his way to work or running some errands. You wouldn’t think that he was a violent and manipulative serial criminal, yet here we are.

Schiff was recently sentenced to 55 to 141 years in state prison on various human trafficking charges. Schiff was said to have targeted women who were drug dependent. He would then keep them hooked on drugs and then withhold the drugs if the women didn’t work for him. And by work, Schiff meant that the women would work off their drug debt to Schiff by being sold into sexual slavery.

One victim testified that she refused to have sex with Schiff and he slammed her head into a bucket of bleach that contained shards of glass. Schiff is also said to have threatened other victims by telling them he would make their family disappear and “I know where your children sleep at night, and I will have my Dominicans chop you up and throw you in the river.”

Kenneth Crowell

So how about Schiff’s cohort, Kenneth Crowell? Crowell was sentenced back in February to 55 to 141 years in state prison. Not only would Crowell force the women to traffic in drugs but he choked at least one of them until she blacked out.

While these two dudes may look like they’re two McNuggets short of a happy meal, they are the face of sex trafficking in this country. They can be any race, any color, and even any gender.

This is the reality of sex trafficking at its core, street-level thugs who are violently coercing their victims into slavery. What it isn’t is a cabal of Satan-worshipping politicians who are secretly lizard people. Face facts people, the trafficking of women and children for sex isn’t part of some convoluted sci-fi conspiracy theory, it’s an everyday truth.

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