Feds looking for victims of alleged serial Backpage rapist

Feds looking for victims of alleged serial Backpage rapist
Jose Torres

Federal investigators are asking for the public’s help in finding victims of 43-year-old Jose Torres of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Torres is accused of allegedly using Backpage and other prostitution platforms to lure sex workers from across the country with promises of large sums of money. However, when the women would ask to be paid, Torres allegedly raped them instead.

According to the FBI, Torres has allegedly been doing this for 10 years in such states as New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, and California.

In one instance, Torres is said to have lured a Canadian woman to New Jersey with the promise of $30,000. Once she got to New Jersey Torres reportedly took her to a hotel where he claimed to be a cop before raping her.

The FBI is asking that if you’ve been a victim of Torres to send an email to ReportJOT@fbi.gov.

After the federal seizure of Backpage, a number of sex workers complained about the site’s demise saying that Backpage allowed them to screen their clients and weed out any potential predators like Torres. I don’t doubt they believe that but after the number of creeps like Torres that I’ve posted about I feel like it’s more akin to Russian Roulette than any kind of actual safety. Plus, it seems more like to me that rapists like this use escort sites as a menu to have their victims directly delivered to them.

2 thoughts on “Feds looking for victims of alleged serial Backpage rapist”

  1. The Backpage case is just a show trial so the government can say they are doing something. The sites just move offshore where they can’t be shut down as easily. Many states have laws against harassing sex offenders who have been released from prison. I read about one case where a woman was prosecuted because she kept reporting a sex offender who would visit his girlfriend at one address while reporting his address at another location, but the police said that wasn’t a crime and instead her reports were harassment and a crime. The medical mafia wants to decriminalize sex offenders and classify them as individuals with disease to be treated. There is too much money to be made by the sex traffickers, doctors, pharmaceutical industry and the government.


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