Facebook vigilantes told to knock it off by police

Facebook vigilantes told to knock it off by police

Police in Kirksville, Missouri recently warned their residents about becoming Facebook vigilantes. Reportedly a video of a civilian confronting an alleged predator was circulating around town on Facebook.

A man in the video is said to have confronted another man who allegedly traveled to Kirksville to meet a 14-year-old for sex. Except there was no 14-year-old girl. There wasn’t even an undercover officer posing as the 14-year-old girl. Instead, there was some yokel recording the confrontation for a Facebook group called ‘Kirksville PedoCatcher’.

Apparently, someone in the community thought that the police were not doing their job fast enough and decided to take matters into their own hands. However, police were investigating the man who traveled to Kirksville and this confrontation could jeopardize the investigation. So the local police have told Kirksville citizens to let them do their job.

While I’m obviously no fan of predators, these Facebook yahoos aren’t doing these confrontations for the greater good. They may say they are but in reality, they’re doing it for likes and views. They pick alleged pedophiles because they’re easy targets. If these vigilantes tried this shit on a drug dealer or human trafficker the vigilantes would quickly find themselves in the hospital or worse.

If it became acceptable to let these assclowns run rampant then where does it stop? Maybe the next vigilante will start targeting illegals and not just with an iPhone.

If you really want to help do something against the tide of online predators, then get up off your raggedy couch that’s on your dilapidated porch and join the police department. On second thought, don’t do that because you’ve already shown you’re incapable of it.

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