RSO on Kik said he wanted to rape, torture, and kill girl

RSO on Kik said he wanted to rape, torture, and kill girl
Ryan Michael Kannett

36-year-old Ryan Michael Kannett of Fairfax, California is a registered sex offender. He’s on the registry for good reason since he offered a 10-year-old’s legal guardian cocaine in exchange for being able to molest the child. Who would imagine he would go on to re-offend and re-offend he did. Kannett was recently charged with child porn possession but it goes deeper than that.

Kannett was on the mobile messaging app Kik when he allegedly told an undercover federal investigator that he wanted to indulge in some rather atrocious acts.

From there, Kannett told the agent “that he wanted someone to join him in raping, torturing, mutilating, and killing his ex-girlfriend and his younger female relative, filming the event, and selling the film,” the complaint says. He allegedly discussed wanting a 5-year-old victim at first, then later said that a child of any age would be sufficient.

When authorities raided his home, not only did they find some of the most depraved child porn but they also found videos of “violent deaths, mutilated human bodies, and animal cruelty.”

On Kik, Kannett had the username of ‘Sir Sicko’ and is said to have identified himself to the undercover investigator as a pedophile.

I’m almost literally at a loss for words. I can honestly say in the many years I’ve been writing about online predators, this clown is probably the most depraved individual I’ve written about in years.

Unfortunately, this no surprise since Kik is thronged with sex offenderspedophiles, and child porn collectors.

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