When stickers are outlawed only outlaws will have stickers

When stickers are outlawed only outlaws will have stickers

Like most online classifieds, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t allow the sale of guns. However, that hasn’t stopped people from selling guns on the platform. According to the Wall Street Journal, by way of Business Insider, people are still selling guns on Facebook Marketplace. They’re just not listing them as guns.

Instead, sellers are listing them as gun stickers. According to reports, you might see a Glock sticker for sale at the price of $450. When the Journal contacted the seller they were told that it’s actually a firearm for sale.

Now why would such stand-up law-abiding citizens like Facebook gun owners try to circumvent Facebook Marketplace’s terms of service? It’s because they don’t really care about the law. They only care about their ‘right’ to bear arms. They don’t care if they’re selling to a felon or anyone else who has been legally banned from owning a firearm. They only care about spreading the gospel according to the NRA background checks be damned.

Gun ownership in the United States has largely become a cult with their only commandment being “shall not be infringed”.

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