Colo. parents of five killed in LetGo robbery

Colo. parents of five killed in LetGo robbery
Kyree Brown

Back in the middle of August, 39-year-old Joseph Roland and his wife, 40-year-old Jossline Roland were shot and killed during a robbery. The couple had responded to a LetGo ad for a new vehicle and met the alleged seller at a local Aurora, Colorado mall.

18-year-old Kyree Brown allegedly placed the ad on LetGo and told the Rolands that he brought the wrong vehicle title and asked the Rolands to follow him back to a nearby apartment.

It’s here where Brown allegedly pulled a gun on the Rolands and demanded the money they brought to purchase the vehicle. When the Rolands’ car started to move, Brown opened fire, striking them both.

Brown was arrested two weeks later. Police believe that Brown posted another ad on LetGo and was about to commit another similar robbery.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help assist the Rolands’ five children. Please consider donating if you can afford it.

Recently, LetGo merged with OfferUp and now only the OfferUp app remains.

If you’re using any of these marketplace apps to buy anything, never agree to go to a second location. I have posted too many of these stories where victims were killed at a second location.

Even during this time when many people consider the police to be problematic, I still recommend making any kind of transaction like this at a local police department. Many departments even have areas set up for just such matters.

UPDATE 1/19/2023: Earlier this month, Brown was sentenced to two life sentences, without the possibility for parole.

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