New evidence released in Columbiner school shooting plot

New evidence released in Columbiner school shooting plot

I recently posted about an alleged school shooting plot from Rochester, Indiana here and here. Those arrested were 18-year-old John L Schultz IV and 17-year-old Donald V. Robin Jr. Robin has been charged as an adult in the plot. The pair are what is known as columbiners. That means that they have an unhealthy fascination with the infamous 1999 school shooting.

New evidence has been released to the public by investigators. Above you can see the scrawlings on the bedroom wall of Schultz. Outside of the giant marking of the word ‘DIE’, you can see at least two references to Columbine.

In the upper right-hand corner, you can see “Vodka and Reb will live forever.” These were the nicknames that the Columbine cowards Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris gave to themselves. According to investigators, Schultz and Robin also referred to themselves by these nicknames.

Below the giant word ‘DIE’ is the phrase “Do you believe in God?” As previously mentioned, this is in reference to  the apocryphal story where one of the Columbine shooters asked a Christian student if she believed in God before shooting her.

As also previously mentioned. Schultz and Robin were said to have tattoos that were referencing Columbine. A picture of those tattoos has now been made public.

With this picture, it’s hard to tell if these are homemade tattoos or just some Sharpie. Anyway, I can’t make out the top tattoo, however, the bottom tattoo is that of a TEC-9 pistol that was used in the Columbine shooting. And again, the phrase “Do you believe in God” surrounds the gun.

A police search of Robin’s room was said to have found some ammunition along with a tactical vest, airsoft guns and rifles, and trench coats. Of course, there would be trench coats.

A search of their computers turned up web queries about trying to buy a gun from a pawn shop while underage, how to conceal a gun in a trench coat, and how to steal a propane tank. Propane tanks were planted at Columbine as homemade bombs that never detonated.

So once again, we have two young men with no direction or any apparent supervision who dedicated their lives to being nothing more than Columbine copycats. Like all the other would-be copycats that came before them, their names will be forgotten outside of the odd occasion when someone in the future asks, whatever happened to those guys.

By the way, both suspects are currently out on bond.

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