It’s not just children who are trafficked for sex

It's not just children who are trafficked for sex

There’s been a lot of concern for child trafficking lately even though it’s for all the wrong reasons. Even so, it seems like something is being forgotten in the minds of people who claim to be concerned about child trafficking. That’s the fact that adult women are trafficked into the sex trade too. I think part of the problem is that too many people still believe in the ‘consenting adults’ myth when it comes to prostitution. The other part of the problem is that too many people think it shows they care more to talk about child trafficking than other forms of trafficking. The fact remains that women are still constantly being sold into sexual slavery in the United States. And yes, it is very much akin to what we think of as slavery as I’m about to show.

41-year-old Michael McDonald of Buffalo, New York was recently indicted on four counts of sex trafficking. McDonald, who also goes by George Jackson and ‘Rabbit’ has allegedly left a swath of violence against women going back to 2017. McDonald is said to have used Facebook and Snapchat to lure his victims to Florida.

One victim was convinced to travel from Buffalo to Florida to work as a stripper for McDonald. However, once she got to Florida, McDonald is alleged to have raped her and forced her into prostitution. The victim claims that McDonald continually assaulted her to keep her working for him.

A second victim told a similar story about McDonald raping her and forcing her into prostitution and that McDonald threatened to beat her if she tried to leave. She was rescued after a 911 call to local police in Florida.

A third victim said she knew McDonald when she was a teenager. McDonald is said to have lured the girl into working for him by promising help with her singing career. He even claimed that he knew Beyonce. Instead, McDonald had another man rape the woman and again forced her to work as a prostitute. She told police that McDonald would repeatedly rape, choke, and beat her.

Should these women’s plight be considered lesser crimes because they’re adults? Absolutely not. These crimes should get the same attention as child trafficking not just by law enforcement but the general public as well.

The reality is that sex trafficking happens to all ages and more often than you think. These are real people with real lives and real families. Who are we to say they are any less deserving of our attention and empathy?

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