NC man missing after craigslist car sale

NC man missing after craigslist car sale
Andy Banks

39-year-old William Anderson Banks Jr.of Raleigh, North Carolina, known to his friends as Andy Banks, has been missing since this past Saturday. Andy was said to flip cars for a living. He went to sell a silver 2011 or 2012 Range Rover that he had advertised on craigslist. The car was found yesterday in Danville, Virginia with no sign of Banks. People are being asked to contact the Raleigh police if they have any information about Banks.

Banks was said to have met the potential buyer at a public place during the day but unfortunately, that’s not enough anymore. Sadly, this has become a too common occurrence when selling cars on platforms like craigslist. Recently, a husband and wife and parents of five were shot and killed in Colorado after trying to sell a car on LetGo. I also always think back to the elderly couple from Georgia, Bud and June Runion who were killed after going to buy what they thought was a classic car off of craigslist.

I have never used craigslist and I never would but I can’t stop you from using it even though I wish you wouldn’t. The only thing I can really recommend that if you’re doing any kind of legitimate transaction through one of these platforms, use your local police department as a meeting place. While it’s far from the perfect solution for everybody, it can go a long way in discouraging scammers, thieves, and killers.

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