Guy who kept 20 women in ‘sex dungeon’ only given 9 1/2 years

48-year-old Raymond Rodio of Sound Beach, New York, ran a prostitution ring out of his parents’ Long Island basement. Basement may be too kind of a word as Rodio converted it into what the media had dubbed a ‘sex dungeon’.

It was a windowless basement where he kept women hooked on drugs and forced them into prostitution. There was no shower or bathroom in the basement. There was only a bucket.

Rodio would recruit his victims through both craigslist and Backpage from 2014-2019.

At least two women died of drug overdoses while being forced to work for Rodio.

After pleading guilty in February to sex trafficking and drug charges, Rodio was only recently sentenced to just 9 1/2 years behind bars. Now, I’ll get to his sentence in a moment but I feel the need to get up on my soapbox once again when it comes to the subject of sex trafficking. You know, because of all the sudden Facebook ‘experts’ on child trafficking.

First off, are you any less horrified because these women were in their 20s? If you are, why? These women are also someone’s daughters and probably some of them are mothers as well.

Secondly, I get the impression that most of the Facebook experts and a lot of others think that adult sex trafficking is mostly a ‘black thing’. This took place in Suffolk County, Long Island which is 85% white.

Here’s a picture of Rodio himself.

Guy who kept 20 women in 'sex dungeon' only given 9 1/2 years
Raymond Rodio

Here’s is a picture of Stacie Saunders whose daughter Danielle died while working for Rodio.

Stacie Saunders

Does this look like just a ‘black thing’ to you?

Sex trafficking happens everywhere whether you know it or not. There is never a case of ‘it can’t happen here.’ It crosses all colors and socioeconomic statuses but unless the narrative fits into certain people’s political leanings, sex trafficking doesn’t exist to them.

Getting back to the sentence, it’s a joke. 9 1/2 years for someone who essentially tortured close to two dozen women over a length of five years. He forced them to be repeatedly raped by strangers just so he could make the money.

I realize there are legal intricacies when it comes to cutting plea deals with sexual predators, however, something needs to be done to keep these parasites of society in prison for a lot longer. Maybe someone smarter than me can come up with a solution.

One thought on “Guy who kept 20 women in ‘sex dungeon’ only given 9 1/2 years”

  1. It’s a person thing. Race or any other attribute is irrelevant. The prosecutor was lazy. They got a conviction with a significant sentence with plenty of time to relax afterwards.


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