White dots on cars NOT linked to sex trafficking

At a Walmart in Chester County, South Carolina a number of customers came out of the store to find white paint dots on their car as pictured above. Of course, it didn’t take long before rumors started circulating in the area that this was somehow related to sex trafficking.

This is not the first instance I’ve heard of where something left on your car is supposed to indicate that the driver has been targeted by sex traffickers. Sometimes it’s a string tied to your mirror or a sticker placed on your trunk. You get the idea. While the chance of something like this happening isn’t zero, these are largely urban legends.

As I’ve said previously, sex traffickers don’t have squads of unmarked vans roaming Walmart parking lots. Think about it for a moment. If a trafficker tried to snatch victims from a Walmart parking lot, there would be an untold number of witnesses at just about any time of day. This would also immediately launch a police search for any taken victim. That’s too great a risk for traffickers to take.

Instead, traffickers tend to prey on people on the fringes of society. They prey on those with drug addictions or untreated mental health issues. They especially like to target runaways or kids who have troubled lives at home and they don’t do this by marking cars at Walmart. They mostly recruit their victims through social media or online ads for jobs that turn out to be for prostitution.

It’s great that people want to care about sex trafficking, but if you look at everything like it’s a sex trafficking plot then real sex trafficking goes unnoticed.


One thought on “White dots on cars NOT linked to sex trafficking”

  1. Plus they would most certainly be captured on surveillance video in a Walmart parking lot and someone shopping at Walmart probably has someone who will report them missing, if they disappear.


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