Trial date set for former WWE star Alberto Del Rio

Trial date set for former WWE star Alberto Del Rio
Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

This is just a quick update on the status of former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio whose real name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan. You can catch up on his story here but to summarize he was recently indicted on kidnapping and sexual assault charges. Back in May he was arrested for an alleged instance of domestic violence at his San Antonio home that I can only describe as brutal and sadistic.

Now it’s being reported that Del Rio is set to go to trial on Monday, January 25, 2021. He is currently out on $50,000 bail. However, if convicted, he is facing a potential life sentence in prison.

Once again, I’m of two minds when it comes to this story. Del Rio comes from a famous Mexican wrestling (lucha libre) family and has strong ties to Mexico. It hasn’t really been made public as to what precautions have been taken to keep him from fleeing the country.

My other thought is that Del Rio has a history of blaming all his woes in the wrestling industry on everyone but himself. He’s been fired from a couple of national wrestling promotions for either his attitude or substance abuse allegations. Outside of the ring, he would act like he’s the next Hulk Hogan when he wasn’t even close. He seems to have such an egomaniacal streak that he may think he can beat this case at trial.

I guess we’ll have three months to see which of my guesses is correct.

One thought on “Trial date set for former WWE star Alberto Del Rio”

  1. Looks like may not be a trial since she has retracted post went up where she has apologized. His brother Hijo de Dos Caras posted it up on his Fb.


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