Real words from a survivor of child trafficking

I came across an article from Birmingham, Alabama about a new non-profit facility called The WellHouse that offers housing and help to children who are rescued from child trafficking.

In the article, the Birmingham news station spoke with a survivor of child trafficking who has benefitted from The WellHouse’s assistance. She told her story about how she was trafficked.

Her ordeal started while she was on a trip to Texas with people she thought were her friends. She was left stranded at a hotel and sold to a trafficker. Her I.D. and phone were taken. “Once you’re in it, you’re cut off from the world.” She explains you simply don’t have the courage or means to walk away. Fear and intimidation have you paralyzed.

She was rescued by police, but once home the trauma she had endured was so bad she turned to drugs. In her small town she felt people didn’t believe her story. Her recovery finally began when she found help at WellHouse.

This post isn’t an advertisement for The WellHouse but rather a stark reminder that this is just one of the many ways that child trafficking actually happens. Sometimes people just sell children to traffickers and pimps. No furniture catalogs, no roaming vans of traffickers in the Walmart parking lot, and definitely no Satan worshipping cabal of Deep State Democrats or whatever else your racist Aunt Karen is pushing on Facebook.

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