AZ man accused of trafficking four underage girls

AZ man accused of trafficking four underage girls
Jason Vangundy

37-year-old Jason Vangundy was arrested by Mesa, Arizona police for allegedly trafficking four underage girls for sex. The girls’ ages are between 16 and 17-years-old. All four girls had run away from group homes.

Vangundy is said to have recruited the girls online. He is also said to have given the girls cell phones and taught them to set up online profiles to advertise themselves for sex. The girls were kept at Vangundy’s own apartment.

One of the victims told police how Vangundy would drive them to hotels to meet men. Another victim reportedly told police that Vangundy ‘had sex’ with her while being fully aware of her age and that she had run away from a group home. The other two victims had yet to be located by police at the time of the last report.

Of course, I’m a sucker for criminal excuses and Vangundy does not disappoint…

Police officials say once Vangundy was arrested, he admitted to housing two of the girls, buying them cell phones, paying for hotel rooms, and receiving money from one girl. Vangundy, however, denied he was involved in anything related to prostitution.

Yeah, I’m sure he was just harboring underage runaways out of the goodness of his heart.

Anyway, this is the reality of child trafficking. What bothers me even more about this story is that all the victims were from group homes. It makes me wonder if Vangundy was purposely targeting group homes for victims.

A lot of kids in group homes have already been abused and manipulated by adults. The last thing they need is predators like this turning them out for sex.

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