Fla. suspect shared rape of 9-year-old on Kik

Fla. suspect shared rape of 9-year-old on Kik
John D. Taylor Jr.

Whenever I talk about mobile messaging app Kik, I often mention that a big chunk of its userbase are sex offenderspedophiles, child porn collectors, and child traffickers. Today we have another twofer.

32-year-old John D. Taylor Jr. of Deltona, Florida is accused of allegedly sharing images of the sexual assault of a 9-year-old girl on Kik. Sheriffs in Volusia County received a tip from the NCMEC that Taylor’s Kik account contained child porn.

Taylor initially denied uploading the child porn saying that it was sent to him. However, he is said to have later admitted to uploading the child porn which were images of himself raping a 9-year-old girl.

The NCMEC more than likely received a tip from Kik itself. Kik knows that they have a problem with predators and child porn yet they seem to be doing very little to prevent it.

I realize that Kik is a Canadian company but where are all the politicians threatening legal action against Kik like they did to MySpace back in the day?

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