“I will take the slave.”

"I will take the slave."
Robert Hubert

If you really want to know how sex trafficking sometimes works, this is a good story to read. Settle in. Not only is it a little long but it’s kind of convoluted too.

The story starts with 35-year-old Alfonso Orozco Juarez of Dallas, Texas. He allegedly met a 19-year-old girl on the dating/social app MeetMe. Juarez allegedly convinced the girl to meet him in a Dallas hotel room where Juarez is said to have pistol-whipped the girl, threatened to kill her family, and gave the girl a ‘slave name’.

Juarez is also said to have offered the girl for sale on a fetish website. He is said to have offered her to the highest bidder.

That highest bidder was said to be 66-year-old Robert Hubert of Roebuck, South Carolina who referred to himself on the fetish site as “The Darkest Lord.” For $5000, Hubert was able to buy the girl from Juarez.

Via text messages to Hubert, Juarez referred to her as “the property” and bragged that she “submitted fully” after being pistol-whipped. “She’s totally dependent on me,” he wrote. “SWEET,” Mr. Hubert responded. “I will take the slave.”

In a similar text, Juarez bragged to Hubert about his ‘business’.

“My dream is to have a house full of service sex slaves and like a pet adoption, I will find them good homes.”

Let me stop for just a moment. These are real people, using the term loosely, who are talking about a living breathing human being in 2019 and referring to them as ‘property’ and ‘slave’.

The two suspects met at a Dallas gas station and ‘exchanged’ the victim. When she got into Hubert’s car she was fit with a metal collar around her neck and Hubert allegedly threatened to brand her. There was another female victim in Hubert’s car who had signs of abuse and was branded.

After the drive from Texas to South Carolina, the victim was forced into a room described as a dungeon and had to be naked at all times.

Surprisingly, Hubert allowed the victim to call her family. Her father begged him to release his daughter but in response, Hubert showed him the ‘contract’ where he had purchased her for $5000. Hubert demanded $5000 for the victim’s release.

Now imagine that for a moment. Your daughter is missing. She calls you and some guy on the other side of the country tells you “Nuh-uh, I bought her for $5000 and I have the contract to prove it.”

The girl was eventually able to convince Hubert to let her go and she went back home to New Mexico.

This is the way that sex traffickers and their clientele actually act and talk. They believe that sexual slavery is ok as long as their greed or lust are satiated. This isn’t an edge case. This happens more often than you think and can happen anywhere.

Even though the 13th Amendment was passed over 150 years ago, slavery is still alive and well in America.

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