Kenny Bartley arrested again: 2020 edition

Kenny Bartley arrested again: 2020 edition
Kenny Bartley

To be fair, it has been two years since I heard of Kenny Bartley’s last arrest. Before we get to his latest arrest, let’s do a quick summary of Bartley’s criminal history. (Ctrl+C Ctrl+V)

Bartley was convicted of the 2005 school shooting murder of Campbell County High School principal Ken Bruce. Bartley was 15-years-old at the time. Bartley was charged as an adult and sentenced to 45 years behind bars. In 2014, at a retrial, Bartley was found guilty of only reckless homicide and was sentenced to time served. Since his release, Bartley has been no stranger to the law as he has been arrested multiple times and was present when his therapist’s son died from injuries related to child abuse.

Last week, Bartley was arrested for allegedly assaulting two LaFollette, Tennessee police officers. Bartley is accused of getting into a confrontation with some people at a vape shop before he broke the back window of their car. Local police approached Bartley at his home where he is said to have spit on the officers before punching one of them in the face. Bartley was then subdued by the officers with pepper spray.

I was unable to find out if Bartley is still in custody or if he posted bail.

It seems like Bartley is getting more violent with each arrest. He should consider himself lucky that police didn’t take more drastic measures. After 15 years, I don’t know what to say anymore that I haven’t said before. It’s obvious that Bartley needs psychiatric help. I don’t know if he is receiving any but it seems more like a case of you can’t help those who refuse to accept help.

I hope someone is able to get through to him before he kills someone again.

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