Dixon High School shooter ruled competent to stand trial

Dixon High School shooter ruled competent to stand trial
Matthew Milby

In May of 2018, a then 19-year-old Matthew Milby took a gun to Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois. During the school’s graduation practice, Milby exchanged gunfire with the school’s resource officer. Milby was struck by the officer’s gunfire before being apprehended. The suspect was the only one injured in the incident.

Of course, there have been claims that Milby was bullied and these claims come mostly from Milby’s mother. This is the same mother who owned the gun that Milby used in the shooting. Some reports indicate that while she owned the gun legally, her previous criminal record should have precluded her from owning a gun. She is also said to have told police that there was no gun in the home. After the shooting, it was reported that she could face both state and federal charges for allegedly lying on her Illinois gun license application.

To make matters worse. Milby’s father, Matthew Milby Sr., was arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to hire a hitman. Milby Sr. is said to have wanted two people assassinated. Whether or not Milby Sr.’s alleged targets had anything to do with his son is unknown as the targets have not been identified for obvious reasons.

With his parents’ reputations, I wonder if the real bullying of Matthew Milby came from home rather than the school. They may also be a factor in why Milby decided to solve whatever problem he thought he had at school with violence.

Anyway, after twice being ruled incompetent to stand trial, Milby was deemed fit for trial last week. He has been charged with attempted murder. No trial date has been announced as of yet.

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