More news on the possibility of sexual assault charges being dropped against Alberto Del Rio

Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

This is a follow up to my post about former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio having his sexual assault charges against him being possibly dropped.

While I still have yet to hear anything from traditional news sources, there has been a report from the next best thing. Dave Meltzer is the preeminent pro-wrestling journalist. He recently commented about the Del Rio situation on his podcast Wrestling Observer Live.

“It looks like that case is gonna go away because the woman is recanting her story,” Dave Meltzer said. “There was police inspectors saw her, saw her bruises, so it’s hard for me to go, well, you know, she changed her story. Then there was actually talk originally that she was going to leave town and not even testify in the first place.”

“It looked bad for him as far as the indictment and everything like that and the crime was like freaking hideous the way it was described. But the charge itself is going to go away,” Meltzer continued.

“There’s too much. She recants her story and then the family starts talking about she’s a money-grubber type of thing. That she’s using it for money. And the criminal case was not about money. So, you know, you try to tie the dots together. I certainly come up with something but I better not say it.”

The problem is that the whole situation reeks of victim intimidation. Out of nowhere, the victim allegedly posts an apology to Del Rio on Instagram. That was followed up with Del Rio’s brother El Hijo Dos Caras calling the victim a ‘garbage person’ on social media.

Now, this is all speculation on my part but it seems like that without a victim who is willing to testify it seems like Del Rio is going to walk free. The state of Texas could still technically prosecute Del Rio but again, without any victim testimony that would be a difficult conviction to obtain.

I’m still holding out to hear from a mainstream news source to verify that the charges have been actually dropped. Until then, I pray the prosecution is going forward.

UPDATE 12/6/2020: Yesterday, wrestling reporter Mike Johnson posted on the Q&A section of PWInsder about Del Rio’s charges being dropped. I may or may not have been the person who emailed this to him.

Q: Can you comment on rumors the charges against Alberto del Rio have been dropped?

A: Court records indicate he is still slated to go to trial on 1/25/21 and that has remain unchanged the last week.  I will go by court records.    

Mike Johnson is one of the more credible voices in pro wrestling reporting.

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