Child trafficker had the ‘blueprint for success’

Reginald Ranier Milton

Again, if you want a glimpse into what the real world of child trafficking is, look no further than the story of Reginald Ranier Milton. Milton has pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of a minor. Under the plea deal, Milton is looking at a potential sentence of 30 years. He was prostituting a 17-year-old girl in Detroit. In the months of 2018 where he turned the girl out, Milton is said to have placed over 800 online ads for the girl that included graphic depictions of the victim. If the victim didn’t do what Milton wanted he would violently abuse her. She is said to have ended up in the hospital twice by Milton’s hands.

According to Click on Detroit, Milton would take to Facebook claiming he had the “blueprint for success.” He would pose with wads of cash in his hand to show “just how profitable his business could be.” So, it sounds like to me that he was going on social media and showing others how to make money by selling minors into sexual slavery under the threat of extreme violence.

Sadly, Milton’s story is not an uncommon one. But considering it happened in an urban area like Detroit, the Facebook Karens, which includes males, will ignore stories like this. They’ll also ignore it since the story doesn’t fit into their fantastical conspiracy theories of secret vampire cabals.

Idiotic conspiracies about child trafficking detract from the real problem that is happening in almost every corner of our society. But since some people are more concerned about having their Facebook echo chamber of political views validated, real victims of child trafficking go without help.

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