Two arrested in NC Craigslist murder

Two arrested in NC Craigslist murder
Ford and Nelson

Late last month, 73-year-old George Cleveland Stump Sr. and his grandson 23-year-old Tristan Lavonne Stavee were shot in Whiteville, North Carolina. Stump Sr. was shot in the head and at last report was in critical condition. Sadly, Stavee died at the scene from a gunshot wound. The pair had gone to Whiteville to purchase a Camaro they saw listed on craigslist.

Last week, two suspects had been arrested and charged with Stavee’s murder. They are 24-year-old Mark Anothony Nelson and 29-year-old Tamika Shatavia Ford, both of Tabor City, NC. Nelson is being held without bail while Ford’s bail has been set at over $1 million.

The victims’ family have set up a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

Unfortunately, craigslist killings like this are not uncommon. A ‘popular’ robbery technique is to lure a victim in with the promise of a high-end car. This way the thieves know that the victims will be carrying a decent amount of cash on them. Tragically, a number of these robberies often devolve into murders.

My advice has always been to avoid craigslist at all costs as it’s filled with too many con artists and miscreants who have no qualms about using violence to meet their needs. However, if you still insist on using craigslist, I always recommend meeting the other person at a local police department parking lot. Many police stations now have areas designated for transactions like this. While it’s not a perfect solution, it will go a long way in discouraging criminals.

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