Neo-Nazi pedophile caught with girl at airport

Neo-Nazi pedophile caught with girl at airport
Nathan Larson

40-year-old Nathan Larson of Catlett, Virginia is quite the character to put it very mildly. In 2008, Larson ran for Congress as a Libertarian. He considered himself an anarcho-capitalist and believed that the private sector should run the country. He got less than 2% of the vote. In 2009, he was sentenced to 16 months in jail for sending a letter to the Secret Service that threatened the President. He served 14 months out of that sentence. Because of his conviction, he could not run for public office in Virginia until the then governor restored voting rights to Virginia felons in 2016.

In 2017, Larson ran for the Virginia House on quite the unique platform. He wanted to legalize child porn, polygamy, and repealing the right to vote for women. He didn’t win, obviously.

He tried running for Congress again in 2018, this time as an Independent since the Libertarians had kicked him out of the party. From Wikipedia

Larson’s 2018 online political manifesto, which has been taken down, advocates “benevolent white supremacy” and names Adolf Hitler as a “white supremacist hero”. It calls for free trade, “putting an end to U.S. involvement in foreign wars arising from our country’s alliance with Israel”, drug legalization, “suicide rights”, protection of gun ownership rights, legalization of child pornography and incest, and repeal of the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. Regarding women he states: “We need to switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands”; he has blamed school shootings on feminism, saying: “Guns don’t kill people — feminists do.”

You know you’re batshit crazy when even the Libertarians kick you out.

Anyway, now that you have an idea of what kind of person Nathan Larson is it should come as no surprise why he’s ended up on these pages.

Larson was arrested in the Denver Airport with a disguised 12-year-old girl in tow. Larson allegedly traveled from his home in Virginia to the girl’s home in Fresno, California with the intent of kidnaping her. Larson is said to have met the girl over the gaming chat app Discord and continued conversations with her on mobile messaging app Kik.

Larson is said to have shown up at the girl’s home at 2 am and convinced the girl to sneak out of the house with him. They then took a rideshare to the airport. I guess rideshares are the new Greyhound buses when it comes to predators. Larson made the girl wear a wig and instructed her to act like she has a speech disability. I imagine this way, Larson could do all the talking if approached by someone who finds the pairing suspicious.

Somehow, police in both Fresno and Virginia received almost simultaneous tips that Larson was planning on meeting the girl. As mentioned previously, Larson was picked up at the Denver Airport where he had a layover. Not surprisingly, his mother was the one who paid for his plane ticket according to police.

Larson is also said to run websites for both pedophiles and incels.

Investigators believe that Larson may have more victims.

If you or someone you know have ever had inappropriate contact with Nathan Larson, you are asked to contact Fresno County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brandon Pursell at (559) 600-8029, or Sergeant Chad Stokes at (559) 600-8144,

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story as I believe we’ll see some twists and turns before everything is over. I’m definitely getting some Scott Shefelbine vibes off of Larson except Larson might rack up more arrests than Shefelbine did in the end.

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