Missing special needs woman murdered by man she met on MeetMe

Missing special needs woman murdered by man she met on MeetMe
Harold David Haulman III

26-year-old Erica Shultz of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania went missing on December 4th. Her body wouldn’t be found until Christmas weekend in a wooded area. Erica Shultz was said to be autistic.

She had met her alleged killer, 42-year-old Harold David Haulman III, on the social network MeetMe. Haulman is said to have shown up at her home on the fateful night and asked her to go for a drive with him. That drive then turned to a walk in the woods where Haulman used a mallet and a knife to kill his victim.

Prior to the car ride, Shultz had texted a friend to tell them she was leaving to go on a date with a man named Dave. Investigators were able to find Erica’s phone and linked Haulman to her disappearance. When police finally caught up with Haulman he took out a utility knife and cut his own arm. While at the hospital, Haulman was able to show investigators where he left Erica’s body.

Police are concerned that Haulman may have more victims.

Investigators are asking if you have had any contact or online interactions with Harold Haulman, who also goes by Dave, to please contact the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office (570) 825-1674), the Columbia County District Attorney’s office (570) 389-5656), or the state police (570) 459-3890).

There are a lot more details to go along with this story, but I feel like these are the important ones. You can read the rest at the links below.

Just don’t meet random people from the internet. Especially from a place like MeetMe. It’s nothing more than a creep farm filled with guys that have nothing but ill intentions.

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