Child trafficking victim dies of overdose

Child trafficking victim dies of overdose
Anthony Cox

Late last month, a 16-year-old girl died from a drug overdose in a Greenville, North Carolina hotel room. It’s alleged that the girl was being sexually trafficked by her 21-year-old ‘boyfriend’ Anthony Cox. Cox is said to have been in a sexual relationship (child rape) with the girl since she was 15. He turned out the girl telling her that they “needed the money to live off of.”

This is a common tactic used by child traffickers. They often groom their young victims by pretending to be their boyfriends before guilting them into working as a child prostitute for them. They often get their victims hooked on drugs as well. This gives pimps and traffickers one more tool in their arsenal for keeping their victims under their control. Too often this does result in overdose deaths.

Lately, I’ve gotten some attention from some QAnon supporters for my posts on child trafficking. I actually welcome them to my site, so they can see the realities of child trafficking. This is how child trafficking really works and not through your conspiracy of ‘Deep State’ Satan-worshiping blood drinkers. I realize that only life experience can really change someone’s mind, but if I can at least set them toward the path of reality I’ll feel like I’ve done at least a little good in this world.

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