More on the Neo-Nazi pedophile politician

More on the Neo-Nazi pedophile politician
Nathan Larson

Surprisingly, this is not about the Capitol riot.

This is actually a follow up to a post I made late last year.

To make a long story short, 40-year-old Nathan Larson of Catlett, Virginia is a failed politician who previously ran for office on a platform of white supremacy and pedophilia. He was arrested at the Denver Airport after allegedly travelling to Fresno, California to kidnap a 12-year-old girl who he had groomed online. You can check out my previous post here.

Anyway, not too long after I made that post, more details came out about the whole sordid affair.

Previously, I mentioned that Larson ran websites that catered to incels and pedophiles. It turns out that he also ran a rape/kidnap fetish website where he chatted with his victim.

Not surprisingly, Larson used the mobile messaging app Kik to stay in contact with his victim. (Never forget that Kik is full of sex offenderspedophileschild porn collectors, and child traffickers.)

Authorities reviewed conversations between the victim and Larson on the website, which started in mid-November. In one instance, the victim wrote, “I wanna b kidnapped but m also scared.” Larson wrote in response, “Hey I can kidnap yo I’m 25,” adding his Kik username.

There’s no way in hell that guy can pass for 25.

Now we arrive at the desperate need for mind bleach part of the story

“The [victim] stated Larson told her his plan was to take her virginity and get her pregnant at 13 in Virginia,” the affidavit said.

Why do a lot of these chuckleheads want to impregnate their victims? Do they want to keep a running tap of future victims?

Again, police believe Larson may have had many more victims.

 Anyone who knows of or has had similar interactions with Larson should contact the sheriff’s office at (599) 600-8029 or (559 ) 600-8144.

Like I said before, I feel like this arrest is only scratching the disturbing surface when it comes to Larson’s alleged crimes.

UPDATE 1/20/2021: While no new charges have been filed against Larson, police in Fresno have said that the investigation has spread to several states and a couple of other countries as well.

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