Alberto Del Rio still facing trial next week

Alberto Del Rio still facing trial next week
Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan aka Alberto Del Rio

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, real name is Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, is still set to go to trial on the 25th. Previously, there were some questions on whether charges had been dropped against Del Rio after the victim issued an ‘apology’ to Del Rio on Instagram.

If you’ll recall, Del Rio was arrested back in May at his San Antonio home and charged with sexual assault. Del Rio allegedly beat and assaulted his then girlfriend for several hours using various objects. At the tine of Del Rio’s arrest, the victim told police that Del Rio made her fear for her life and that she had planned on leaving the area.

As I said at the time of the victim’s apology, one has to wonder if the apology was coerced in some way. If the victim is recanting her story, then this will be a short trial even though there is plenty of evidence to support sexual assault charges.

Del Rio is looking at a possible life sentence, but I get the feeling that he probably won’t even see the inside of a cell.

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