Las Vegas man charged with child trafficking

Las Vegas man charged with child trafficking
Anthony Posey

On this past Christmas Eve, Las Vegas police arrested 38-year-old Anthony Posey. Posey was pulled over for a suspended registration when police discovered he was traveling with a minor.

Police say that Posey allegedly met the minor on Instagram where Posey is said to have convinced the victim to work for him as a prostitute. According to police, Posey is said to have claimed that he thought the victim was 21. Sure you did, pal.

Even with less than 24 hours before all this QAnon nonsense hopefully starts to disappear, this is how child trafficking actually works. There”s no grand conspiracy of the Deep State. However, there are pimps and traffickers looking to groom your kids on social media into a life of sexual slavery.

The truth is often simpler than a lot of people make it out to be.

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