Grandfather of Mexican school shooter was released last year

Grandfather of Mexican school shooter knew shooting would happen, did nothing to stop it

Around this time last year, there was a school shooting at the Colegio Cervantes in Torreón, Mexico. Before it was over, 60-year-old teacher María Medina was dead and six students were injured. The 11-year-old gunman, José Ángel Ramos then took his own life. Ramos was armed with two Glock handguns that he obtained from his grandfather, José Ángel Ramos Saucedo. Ramos Saucedo allowed his grandson to take the guns telling his own daughter that he couldn’t stop the boy because ‘it was his will’.

Ramos Saucedo is said to have been involved with organized crime in Mexico and was charged with murder by omission for providing the illegal guns to his grandson. He also had $6 million seized by the Mexican government.

I don’t know what the sentence would normally be for murder by omission in Mexico, but it seems that the Mexican authorities are ok with it being less than one year. According to reports, Ramos Saucedo was released from custody last October. The Mexican authorities are referring to his release as ‘conditional suspension’.

Ramos Saucedo is said to have made an economic agreement with the victims’ families. He is also barred from leaving the country and from owning or possessing any firearms. Somehow, I doubt this agreement will prevent either thing from happening.

It sounds more like to me that a release from custody was bought and paid for and while true justice was denied. But at least the Mexican government tried holding him responsible. That’s more than can be said for most school shootings that happen in America where the shooters get their guns from their parents.

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