Fortnite creeper takes 125 mile Uber ride to victim

Fortnite creeper takes 125 mile Uber ride to victim
Anthony Drayton

20-year-old Anthony Drayton from Toledo, Ohio is accused of allegedly grooming a 15-year-old girl over the video game Fortnite, and the apps Snapchat and Discord. But, if only that was all he did.

Drayton is said to have taken an Uber from his home in Toledo to the girl’s hometown in Montrose, Michigan. Montrose is not too far from Flint and is a 125-mile drive. This guy took an Uber for 125 miles. Drayton met the girl outside a McDonald’s because of course he did. I’ve lost count of how many creepers I’ve written about that involved fast food places.

Then, Drayton and his victim hitchhiked to Detroit where they caught another Uber back to Toledo. Again, I have to ask what is the deal with creepers and Ubers lately? Back in the MySpace days, a Greyhound Bus was the preferred method of travel for interstate predators. I mean it’s not like these lowlifes can’t be tracked on Uber in real time, so obviously they can’t be using Uber to avoid detection.

Once back in Toledo, Drayton reportedly sexually assaulted his victim. The age of consent in Ohio is 16 and according to Ohio law, if the older person is more than four years older than the victim, the assault is a felony. The same goes for Michigan. However, none of this matters because Drayton crossed state lines for the purpose of having sex with a minor. Drayton was taken back to Michigan where he’s been charged with one count of kidnapping and three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Either charge could land him in prison for life.

Now does this mean everyone on Fortnite is a predator? No. While I think the odds of your kids being approached by a predator on social media is higher, the chances are never zero they won’t be contacted by one while playing online games. However, like most social media apps Fortnite does have parental controls you can set to help lessen the chance they’ll be approached.

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