31-year-old blackmails 16-year-old to install camera in her room

31-year-old blackmails 16-year-old to install camera in her room
Jocko Dane Rosello

Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up. 31-year-old Jocko Dane Rosello of Kenwood, Ohio lived with his mother. To be honest, there’s really no shame in living with your parents at that age in this economy. I had to move back with my parents at that age due to financial and mental health difficulties. However, when you live with your mom and are accused of preying on underage girls, it paints quite the different picture.

First off, Rosello is accused of allegedly sharing child porn on mobile messaging app Kik. If you’re new here, you’ll quickly find out that Kik is awash with sex offenderspedophileschild porn collectors, and child traffickers. Rosello was said to have used the account names of ‘ithelildevil’ and ‘hotterwhensmaller.’ A lot of these miscreants don’t even try to hide when they’re on Kik. Sadly, this is the least of the crimes Rosello is accused of.

In 2019, Rosello is said to have met a 16-year-old girl on Instagram. Investigators say that she sent two explicit pictures of herself to Rosello, but I imagine she was probably pursued for those pictures. Once Rosello was in possession of the pictures, he began to blackmail the girl into doing his bidding. The victim received messages that not only threatened her and her family, but she was also told that if she didn’t break up with her boyfriend the pictures would be shared with her school. Rosello is then said to have blackmailed the girl into installing a camera in her room, so he could “make sure she was doing what she was supposed to do.” Ick.

If that wasn’t enough, Rosello is said to have followed the victims friends and family on Instagram.

When police finally caught up with Rosello, they say he had a guitar case that contained sex toys and various electronic devices that contained child porn. Because no one ever thinks to look in the guitar case apparently.

To add even more cringe to the story, as the kids say, I went to look for Rosello’s Facebook to see if he had any Incel or Neckbeard leanings. I found this instead.

While this doesn’t confirm my suspicions 100%, if the trilby fits…

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