Guy turns out 13-year-old girl for gas money

Blake K. Jenkins

28-year-old Blake K. Jenkins of Alexandria, Louisiana has been arrested for allegedly trafficking a 13-year-old girl for sex. Jenkins is accused of picking up the girl from her home and dropped her off at a casino in Lake Charles. According to police, Jenkins had asked the girl to have sex with men at the casino, so he could get gas money. Jenkins then went to work while the girl was left at the casino.

Since Jenkins allegedly admitted to having sex (child rape) with the girl, I assume that he groomed the girl into thinking they were in some kind of relationship.

Jenkins has been charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, second-degree kidnapping, and human trafficking. He’s currently being held on $140,000 bond.

Again, this just one of the myriad of ways child trafficking actually happens. It crosses all races, colors, creeds, classes, locations, and cultures. There is no grand conspiracy. If you really want to do something about child trafficking, educate yourself on how it really happens and stop posting misinformed bullshit on social media.

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