Columbiner with an AK-47 pleads no contest to lesser charge after threatening school shooting

Columbiner with an AK-47 pleads no contest to lesser charge after threatening school shooting
Alexis Wilson

In 2019, 19-year-old Alexis Wilson was arrested for threatening a school shooting against McAlester High School in McAlester, Oklahoma. Wilson showed a co-worker pictures of the AK-47-style rifle she just purchased and said she planned to kill 400 students for fun. This was no attempt at dark humor as Wilson is said to have told another co-worker how much she resented the people she went to high school with. She claimed that she was bullied at the high school, but she also reportedly displayed swastikas on her belongings at school. So I have to ask, which came first, the alleged bullying or the swastikas?

When she was arrested by police at her home they seized the guns they found.

Pittsburg County sheriff’s deputies seized an AK-47 rifle, six ammunition clips, high-velocity bullets and a 12-gauge shotgun with a stock sleeve for extra shells from Wilson’s residence, court documents state.

Court documents state a receipt shows Wilson purchased a Century Arms VSKA 7.62×39 AK-47 with a clip, five additional magazines and 160 rounds of high-caliber ammunition from a McAlester gun store.

At the time of her arrest, Wilson was wearing an Anarchist’s Cookbook t-shirt and had Columbine related materials on her phone.

To me, this sounds like someone who had planned on carrying out her threat. However, since prosecutors couldn’t definitively prove she intended to carry out the threat, they offered Wilson a plea deal instead. She recently pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of outraging public decency. She was fined $200.

The only reason I have a modicum of sympathy for Wilson is because she had told police she had thoughts of hurting herself.

This leads me to a few questions. The first is, what is Wilson’s status when it comes to owning guns? Since she wasn’t convicted of a felony did she get her firearms returned to her? Was any counseling ordered under the plea agreement? In what reality do lawmakers think it’s ok for a 19-year-old to legally own an AK-47?

Ultimately, due to the laws of the land, this woman is responsible for her own actions. However, she has been failed in so many ways. Without knowing her full story, I would assume that she didn’t receive the help she needed due to stigma or lack of availability. Add the fact of Oklahoma’s loose gun laws, and you have a recipe for disaster.

One thought on “Columbiner with an AK-47 pleads no contest to lesser charge after threatening school shooting”

  1. Such BS. Next time she’ll just get a gun illegally. Ummmm pretty sure this is the definition of Domestic terrorism. Aww poor thing she didn’t get the help she needed. Did she really seek help? I hate how all these kids get to hide behind “bullying made me do it.”
    Such crap!!!
    Yea my daughter was murdered by a kid that got to hide behind bullying made me do it. Does it make me sleep better at night knowing he was bullied in school. My daughter’s life was ended and because he was bullied in school years before makes it ok??!!
    Wtf has this world come to. And they get labeled Columbiners…. what a joke. They need to be labeled sick twisted individuals with homicidal tendencies. That Will Kill because there are no consequences if they get caught prior to the actual shooting spree.


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