Florida mothers find their boys using Omegle

Florida mothers find their boys using Omegle

Here we have another story about parents finding their kids using the cam chat website Omegle.

Once again, if you’re not familiar with Omegle, it is a website that allows video chat between two random people. Omegle’s own motto is “Talk to strangers.” Omegle’s video chat can be accessed on any internet enabled device that has a camera and a web browser. That means it can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Omegle has no real age check and can be accessed by anyone of any age. It’s also a haven for predators and child porn collectors.

Recently, two Florida mothers are said to have found their 13-year-old sons using Omegle. While you might think they’re a couple of Karens for going to the media, I disagree since more people need to know about this website that has continued to go under the media’s radar. However, I think the moms are being a little naive about their sons’ actions.

The moms say that their sons were told by another teen that they could go on to Omegle to meet other teens their age. While it’s true that users can be as young as 13 according to Omegle’s terms of service, the majority of Omegle users are going there for more base reasons than meeting a new friend. This is akin to someone of my generation telling our parents that we didn’t know there was nudity on Cinemax after being caught watching it. Much like we were back in the day, these kids were probably curious to see what was so taboo about the platform. However, I bet they were met with more images of nude dudes than their teenage brains could handle.

Whatever you think you know about the internet, your kids probably know more. I’m almost positive that these kids knew exactly what they were getting into and came up with a story when they got caught. But that’s neither here nor there. They’re actually lucky that they were found out about their parents, or we could be reading a much different headline about them.

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