Snapchat sleaze gets blackmailed into letting teens use his van

Snapchat sleaze gets blackmailed into letting teens use his van
Not the van in question but might as well be.

And we go back to Pennsylvania where 22-year-old Kyle Custer of Windber recently had a really bad day.

Mr. Custer is said to have called local police to report that his van was being driven by unauthorized users. He then called the police back telling them he no longer needed their assistance which is never suspicious. Police asked Custer who was driving the van and Custer reportedly told them it was a 14-year-old girl. Police asked Custer to elaborate.

Custer allegedly messaged the 14-year-old girl on Snapchat offering to be her sugar daddy. He followed up the request with explicit pictures of himself. This was supposedly after the girl already told Custer she was only 14.

The 14-year-old and a 13-year-old friend blackmailed Custer into letting them use the van.

Custer is now facing felony charges of disseminating sexual materials and unlawful contact with minors.

Normally, I don’t condone blackmail in any circumstance, but you got to admit this is pretty funny. It’s like getting kicked in the groin by the victim before having the cuffs slapped on him.

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