Snapchat guy caught ‘mentoring’ teen

Ival Ray Coleman

30-year-old Ival Ray Coleman of Enid, Oklahoma was recently arrested after allegedly being found in a vehicle with a partially dressed 13-year-old girl. Coleman is said to have met the girl on Snapchat. The victim originally told Coleman that she was 16, but when she saw that he was older, she told Coleman her true age. In true creeper fashion, Coleman reportedly said that this was ok. The news didn’t say exactly what he said to the girl, but I can just imagine him saying “age is just a number.”

Unfortunately, by the time police found the pair parked in a cul-de-sac, Coleman had already raped his victim according to police. And we’re not talking about statutory rape either. By all accounts, Coleman raped her twice while also committing sexual violence against her. The victim told Coleman no, but Coleman told her to let it happen, or it would be worse.

Coleman seemed to already have a story in mind when approached by police. He is said to have told police that he was ‘mentoring’ the girl. Once again, I’m having flashbacks of ‘To Catch A Predator’. If I remember correctly, more than one person caught on tape told Chris Hansen that they were there to teach the children how dangerous it is talking to strangers on the internet. Meanwhile, they came to the bait house with liquor and condoms.

But getting back to Coleman, who could that guy really mentor? Besides, nobody gets mentored in a cul-de-sac.

Coleman also had a reason as to why the girl was partially undressed in his car. According to Coleman, the girl fell when he picked her up and needed her clothes to dry. It always seems like that child abusers of all stripes seem to think that they alone have the one story that is guaranteed to fool the police. Guess what, though. There’s hardly a story that police haven’t heard before.

It seems that Coleman didn’t ingratiate himself to police either. He is said to have told police to either arrest him or let him go home. As you can probably surmise, they arrested him. Coleman’s story is then said to have turned, with him claiming that the sex was consensual. Uh…you’re still 30, and she’s still 13. That’s still rape no matter how you look at it. Coleman is also said to have admitted exchanging explicit pictures with his victim on Snapchat. I wonder if the pictures were for ‘mentoring’ purposes.

Again, this is where I give my warning to parents about apps like Snapchat. You might want to occasionally view the friends list on your kid’s account to make sure there are no 30-year-old ‘mentors’ on it. Most importantly, make sure that your child’s account can be viewed by friends only and not by the public at large.

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