Fresno County drops charges against Neo-Nazi pedophile politician

Fresno County drops charges against Neo-Nazi pedophile politician
Nathan Larson

I’ll be up front with you. The headline is pure clickbait, but it lets me know who’s actually reading the post before leaving a Facebook comment.

Anyway, allow me to reacquaint you with 40-year-old Nathan Larson of Catlett, Virginia. He’s a failed politician who previously ran for office on a platform of white supremacy and pedophilia. He was arrested at the Denver Airport after allegedly travelling to Fresno, California to kidnap a 12-year-old girl who he had groomed online. You can catch up on his story here.

More recently, Larson had been extradited to Fresno County in California where he allegedly kidnapped his victim. It is true that Fresno County has dismissed state charges against Larson. However, that’s because state charges need to be dropped in order for Federal charges to be brought against Larson. If needed the state could refile charges against Larson at a future time.

Federal or state, it makes no matter to me. As long as he’s kept locked up as long as possible. It’s obvious that there is no rehabilitating this detestable degenerate.

UPDATE 3/3/2021: This past Monday, Larson was ordered held without bond.

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