Columbiner in Indiana school shooting plot pleads guilty (UPDATE: Sentenced)

Donald Robin Jr.

Last summer, 18-year-old John L Schultz IV and 17-year-old Donald V. Robin Jr. of Rochester, Indiana were both arrested for allegedly plotting a school shooting in their area. Both suspects are said to have an affinity for the Columbine shooters even though neither suspect was alive during the Columbine shooters. They are what the internet has dubbed ‘columbiners’.

Their affinity for the Columbine shooters was so deep that this was how Schultz supposedly decorated his bedroom…

And the pair are said to have Columbine tribute tattoos…

You can read more about the symbolism of both here.

Both suspects were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and were released on bond not too long after they were arrested.

In the middle of last month, Donald Robin Jr. pleaded guilty to the charge and is scheduled to be sentenced early next week. Meanwhile, Schultz is set to go to trial in June, conditions permitting.

No word on what Robin’s potential sentence is or what his guilty plea entails. However, conspiracy to commit murder is a level two felony in Indiana and could result in a sentence of 10 to 30 years. I don’t expect Robin to even receive the minimum of that sentence, and he probably won’t see the inside of a cell. The most I see him receiving is a few years if probation. If that happens I at least hope that he receives the mental healthcare that he needs, both for his sake and the community’s.

UPDATE 3/13/2021: Robin was sentenced to 17 years behind bars, however, he can be eligible for parole in as short as six years. He also has to testify against Schultz. Supposedly, Robin has shown remorse and has had his Columbine tattoo covered with a quote about family.

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