Were the victims of the Atlanta massage parlor shooting victims of sex trafficking too?

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the shootings in the Atlanta area. In case you haven’t heard, some neckbeard shot and killed eight people at three different massage parlors in and around Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian women. A lot of people online have been calling this a hate crime. I don’t disagree. This was absolutely a hate crime. My only question is: where did the hate come from? Was this some troglodyte who actually believed the racist rhetoric about COVID-19 being a ‘Chinese disease’? Or, was this some incel who thought these women were ‘sluts’ after being rejected by some crush he had? I would say the latter since the neckbeard didn’t attack any other Asian businesses.

However, there’s another crime possibly being committed here that I don’t see a lot of people talking about. If these were the ‘happy ending’ type of massage places, which I believe they are, there’s a good chance that these women were being trafficked.

Why do I think that these places were engaged in sex trafficking? I found the above picture where one of the sets of shootings took place on a Yelp review. Here’s what one AMP (2nd definition) aficionado had to say about the place.

Many of the women who are rescued from places like this are often brought over from Asia and are forced to work off their ‘debt’ to the traffickers by working in these massage parlors. They are often moved around from parlor to parlor to keep them from knowing exactly where they are. They’re often not allowed to leave the massage parlor and if they do, they’re often accompanied by ‘security’. Furthermore, they’re forced to sleep in the same rooms where they spend their days servicing the creepy bastards that frequent these places. Traffickers have also been known to get these women hooked on drugs so they’ll be even more dependent on their traffickers. And if they try to run or don’t do their ‘job’ they’re often beaten or worse. More often than not, these women even have their families back home threatened if they don’t comply.

Now, imagine having to endure that kind of life and then some crazy white boy with an overinflated sense of self-importance storms the place and shoots you dead before you can ever enjoy the freedom that this country is supposed to provide those who come to its shores.

This is a tragedy of more than just what’s seen on the surface.

And yet, these massage parlors are tolerated in just about every city in America. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery in this country, yet the United States government has yet to hold up their end of the bargain.

These victims deserve justice, not just for their senseless murders, but also for the lives they were probably forced to endure by those who trafficked them.

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