Atlanta massage parlor shooter blames ‘sex addiction’

Atlanta massage parlor shooter blames 'sex addiction'
Robert Aaron Long

I guess I really have to talk about this assclown if I want to keep talking about this story. If you missed yesterday’s post about the shootings In Atlanta you can read it here.

Anyway, while I never claimed to be a great criminal profiler, I never would have guessed the shooter would be a sex addicted bible beater. According to witnesses who knew 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, Long was deeply involved with his Southern Baptist Church. This church was very much against sexuality. One former member of the church who knew Long said that the church preached a message of “if you’re doing sexual things, you’re going to hell.” It’s a good thing he didn’t attend Catholic Church since we’re going to hell for everything.

However, Long was said to have been dealing with a sex addiction and was a customer of at least one of the massage parlors where he committed the killings. When police finally caught up to Long he reportedly told them that he was on his way to a Florida porno shop where he was going to commit more shootings. Long blamed places like this for his sexual addiction. While I may not have correctly guessed his motive, I did get one thing right. Like most of these cowards who commit mass shootings, he blamed his own problems on everybody but himself.

As for the gun Long used in the murders, he purchased the gun the same day as the killings. Georgia has no waiting period that’s supposed to prevent impulse killings like this. No background check is required for licensed gun owners either. Whether or not anything on Long’s record would have thrown up a red flag remains to be seen as far as I’ve seen. Considering this is Georgia, I doubt even the deaths of eight people will even move the needle in the other direction when it comes to gun legislation.

But what really gets me about this story is that the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, said that the massage parlors were “legally operating businesses” that were not on the authorities’ radar. That’s bullshit. I’ve already shown that at least one of these spas was more than likely a ‘happy ending’ massage parlor where women could have been trafficked. Was it that these spas were not on authorities’ radar or was it more because authorities didn’t care. As I’ve said before, massage parlors are the most tolerated forms of prostitution and sex trafficking in almost every city in America.

Lastly, I have yet to see any news media ask if any of the victims were being trafficked.

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