Is this more evidence that the Atlanta massage parlors were trafficking fronts?

Democratic Georgia State Representative Bee Nguyen is said to have released information about some of the victims killed in the Atlanta massage parlor shootings. She said that at least two of the eight victims lived in the same spa they worked in.

Representative Nguyen goes on to say…

“This one fact alone highlights the vulnerability, the invisibility, and the isolation of working-class Asian women in our country,”

“When they go missing, or when they die, the loss of their lives will not incite the same kind of rage. And they won’t even be treated with the same humanity.”

“And in this case, they’ve been characterized as a problem that needed to be eliminated.”

She’s talking about Asian women who have immigrated to the US. However, the same can be said for Asian women who came here as sex trafficking victims, or any sex trafficking victim for that matter.

As I previously mentioned, many trafficking victims who work at massage parlors are forced to sleep in the same rooms where they’re forced to be violated by anybody who can afford a reasonable cash tip.

What I’m saying is that I hope the investigation doesn’t end with just the shooting. If these victims were also trafficked, their traffickers need to be brought to justice as well.

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