Snapchat creep wants to file false accusation charges

Snapchat creep wants to file false accusation charges

29-year-old Benjamin S. Sarvey of Brooksville, PA was recently arrested for allegedly sending explicit pics of himself to a minor on Snapchat. I’ll spare you the details on how he was said to be grooming the Punxsutawney girl over the popular app. However, I will share what Sarvey said when he was approached by police about it.

When interviewed by police, Sarvey reportedly thought it was about a separate case where he claims he sent a video to a different victim. When police clarified the situation, Sarvey was said to have denied the current accusation and wanted to file false accusation charges against whoever was accusing him of inappropriate behavior. That’s a bold strategy that will endear you with the police. At least he didn’t say his phone was ‘hacked’.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and with this guy facing two separate investigations, it’s probably safe to assume he’s got multiple fires burning. Although, I better watch out. This guy might sue me for ‘slander’.

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