Snapchat creep wanted a baby from a baby

Eduardo Martinez

24-year-old Eduardo Martinez of California is accused of allegedly grooming a 12-year-old Polk County, Florida girl over Snapchat.

Outside of the prerequisite exchange of explicit conversations and pictures, Polk County Sheriffs found one conversation particularly disturbing.

Detectives also found a conversation between the suspect and the victim where the suspect told the victim that he wanted to get her pregnant. The victim replied to the suspect that she was 15-years-old and did not want to be pregnant. The suspect then responded, “Idc you are a baby. I want a baby.”

What is with these creepers who want to get their underage victims pregnant? Do they want to have a never-ending supply of homegrown victims? When one of them gets ‘too old’ do they just move on to the next in line? Gross.

If you’ll also notice, in the quote the girl supposedly said she was 15 and not 12. A lot of males, who may or may not have beards on their necks, will say it’s the victim’s fault since she lied about her age. 15-years-old is still below the age of consent in both California and Florida, respectively.

The mother of the victim needs to be commended for finding the messages and pictures on her daughter’s phone. Too many parents wouldn’t even bother to check. However, 12-year-olds have no business being on Snapchat. According to the Snapchat terms of service (tos), users should be at least 13. Even then, I would recommend kids having limited access to Snapchat until they’re older.

If you’re a parent with a teen who uses Snapchat, you probably want to make sure that your kids don’t have a public profile. A public profile means anyone using the app can contact your kids. Here is a link that shows you how to turn their account private so only their friends can contact them. A periodic check of their friends list probably wouldn’t hurt either.

You may trust your child while they’re online, but you can’t trust creepers like this who long to impregnate your daughters.

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