Fake music producer sends Uber for teen he met on Snapchat

Fake music producer sends Uber for teen he met on Snapchat

48-year-old Oliver Duckworth of Memphis, Tennessee is accused of allegedly having a ‘sexual relationship’ with a 16-year-old girl he met on Snapchat. Just as a reminder, the age of consent in Tennessee is 18, so there is no ‘relationship, but there is an alleged cycle of sexual abuse.

Anyway, Duckworth is said to have posed as a music producer on Snapchat in order to groom his victim. This is one of the oldest predator tricks in the book. As far as online goes, creepers like this were posing as music moguls back in the MySpace days to gain the confidence of their underage victims. Children tend to believe just about anything if they believe it will gain them notoriety in some way.

In true neo-creeper fashion, Duckworth is said to have sent an Uber to her home to pick the girl up and bring her to his home. Again, I say that Uber is becoming the new Greyhound when it comes to predators having their victims shipped to them.

No one under the age of 18 should have a public Snapchat profile. If you’re a parent with teens on social media, here’s how you can enable parental controls on your kid’s Snapchat account.

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