Blood is dumber than water: Multiple people willing to house accused Kik child molester

Blood is dumber than water: Multiple people willing to house accused Kik child molester

34-year-old Matthew D. Townsend of Roscommon, Michigan has been arrested on federal charges of production of child pornography and distribution of child pornography. However, his alleged crimes go much deeper than that, and as you can tell, they involve the mobile messaging app Kik. “Hey, Trench”, I bet you’re saying. “Why do you have so many stories about Kik?” That’s easy. It’s full of  sex offenderspedophileschild porn collectors, and child traffickers.

Anyway, an undercover FBI agent went into a known Kik kreeper chat room and asked if anyone was going to be home with young kids. One user responded with,“Tonight I will be.” This user is then said to have sent the FBI agent multiple images of a young girl being sexually abused by an adult male. The user then went on to say that he had a 6-year-old girl in his care.

Investigators were able to trace this activity back to Townsend. They were able to match the tattoos visible in the images to Townsend.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Townsend’s defense attorney argued for Townsend being released on bond. The attorney even presented two letters written by Townsend’s girlfriend and, of course, his mom.

Here’s what the girlfriend had to say…

“‘He is an extremely hard-worker, very meticulous, and takes pride in every job that he does,’” the attorney said, quoting the girlfriend’s letter. “‘He is a highly recommended and respected painter in and around the community we live in, so much so that his schedule is full for months to come.’”

The girlfriend went on to write that Townsend is “the most caring, compassionate, and gentle man that I know.”

Hold your comments for now. Let’s hear from Mom.

Townsend’s mother also said he could stay at her home, the attorney said.

You’ll be happy to know that the judge ruled that Townsend be held until trial.

But getting back to the matter at hand, he is obviously not comparing, compassionate, and gentle if he molested a little girl and shared the photographic evidence of it on Kik. What part of child molestation do they not get? I never understood why people continue to defend the undefendable when it comes to their family members or significant others.

Here’s a thought, you tell me what you would do if someone close to you was arrested for this with almost undisputable evidence. No stories of violence, please. Just let me know if you would allow them to stay at your home or would you be defending them this vigorously. Leave a comment below or wherever you see this post at.

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